About Linda

Linda Collins-Smith served in the Arkansas House of Representatives from 2010 to 2012, representing Randolph and Sharp counties.   While in the legislature, she served on the following committees: Revenue and Taxation; City, County, and Local; and Energy.   She also served as the Arkansas House Chair for the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Linda is a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, and a community leader.  She and her family own and operate lodging businesses in Pocahontas.  She has been a regional sales manager, a nationally recognized real estate agent, president of the Arkansas Lodging Association, and winner of statewide tourism awards.  She has served on the Arkansas Ethics Commission and the Lower Mississippi Delta Development Council.

Her experience in the business world has allowed her to understand first-hand the stifling effect of heavy taxation and government over-regulation on America’s small businesses.

She is a tireless advocate for conservative principles and traditional values. She believes in limited government, lower taxes, and ending burdensome regulations.  She stands for a child’s right to life from conception, for religious freedom, for our Second Amendment rights, for individual liberty, and for greater personal responsibility.

She is a lifetime member of the NRA and founding member of the Friends of the NRA in Hardy.

Linda grew up in the rural Arkansas Ozarks.  She knows what it is like to carry water from the spring and cut her own firewood. Her background taught her the value of hard work, and the blessing of living in a land where everyone, from the poor country girl to the inner city street kid, had the opportunity to achieve their dreams through industry and determination.  She has dedicated herself to the cause of restoring those opportunities to our children and grandchildren.

Linda and her husband, children, and grandchildren attend the Sutton Free Will Baptist Church in Pocahontas.