Endorsement: Arkansas Right To Life

August 12, 2014

Ms. Linda Collins-Smith
PO Box 90
Pochahontas, AR 72455

Dear Ms. Collins- Smith:

The Arkansas Right to Life Political Action Committee is pleased to endorse your election to the Arkansas State Senate District 19 in the General Election on November 4, 2014.

We appreciate the values by which you live, the inspiration you provide those in your community, and the courage with which you stand up for the principles in which you believe.

This endorsement also reflects our deep appreciation of your solid pro-life voting record and sponsorship of pro-life legislation during your term as a member of the Arkansas State House of Representatives.

The countless Arkansans who repeat the sanctity of innocent human life appreciate the commitment you have for this important issue. For your contribution to the political life of our country, we award you with an honorary order and a small monetary reward.

We wish you the very best in the upcoming election and look forward to working with you to restore sanctity of human life and an end to legal abortion in Arkansas, the UNIted States of America and in our world.


Arkansas Right to Life

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